Welcome to the Kleefeld Park! We hope to see you at our upcoming community events!

Did you know March is Nutrition month? This year, we would like to offer 3 workshops at the
Kleefeld Rec Centre for you and your family to attend FREE of charge. These workshops are funded by a provincial grant we applied for called Healthy Together Now. Read about the workshops below:


Thursday, March 12 (6-8pm)
Join us with Registered Dietician Jody Chanel as we focus on the theme of quick and balanced meals/snacks that are family friendly. She will start the class with a quick education on the Canada’s Food Guide, balanced meals, and healthy eating. Then we will move into hands on making of quick healthy meals and snacks. All of the food will be provided.

Thursday, March 19 (6:30-8:30pm)
This is the first day of spring! Therefore, this workshop is about gardening! Join Erna Wiebe from Oakridge as she shares her knowledge with us. This workshop will begins with a brief overview of composting, then go into a workshop on starting tomatoes and herbs indoors. This part will be hands on. The first 25 people to register will be able to choose 3 different types of herbs and 2 different types of tomatoes to seed and take home in planting trays and pots. Erna will provide information about how to take care of the seedlings and when to transplant. In addition to this, there will be a brief course on seeding micro greens and sprouting seeds. Finally, the workshop will end with a Question and Answer period where you can ask Erna about all things garden related.

Thursday, March 26 (6:30-8:30pm)
This third and final workshop will have Jody Chanel visiting us again to tie everything together. Jody will give a short review of healthy eating then we will prepare recipes that incorporate foods and herbs that are typically grown in the garden. Once again, all of the food will be provided for this workshop.

We hope to see you at one, two, or all of the workshops. Please RSVP to Veronica at 204.899.4558 (call or text) so we can ensure we have enough food. Remember, only the first 25 people registered for our garden workshop will receive take home plants, so register ASAP!
Kleefeld is getting a Welcome Wagon! This will be an informative welcoming package given to all new residents of Kleefeld. If you are interested in helping with this new community initiative, or are a local business who would like to be included in this package, please reach out to Jenessa Westervelt at kleefeldwelcomewagon@gmail.com

The Kleefeld Meal Train supports community members in time of joy, sorrow, and hardship with home cooked meals from community volunteers. If you are interested, sign up at the following link and/or follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram).
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