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Chili Cook Off 2017

CDN Food ChampsThe Kleefeld Honey Festival Chili Cook Off & Canadian Finals

Kleefeld, Manitoba
Saturday, August 12th, 2017
(76 Park Street, Kleefeld, Manitoba)

2017 Results

Be a part of the excitement at the Kleefeld Honey Festival’s 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off Event.

Put your Chili to the test & don’t miss out!

The 2017 Kleefeld Honey Festival Committee is pleased to announce that the Canadian Food Championships has designated our Chili Cook Off to be the Canadian Finals for the 2017 season. This means any participant in the Kleefeld Chili Cook Off has a chance to go to the World Food Championships.

The 1st place winner of the chili cook-off will now receive $2500 cash, a Golden Ticket to the World Food Championships in November 2017, and a $1500 travel voucher to get there. The 2nd place winner will also receive a Golden Ticket to WFC, a $500 travel voucher, and $1000 cash.

Check out the Media release inserted into the newspaper.

This event will be judged by a Certified BBQ Judge with the Kansas City BBQ Society, Kansas City, Missouri and the public in attendance.

~ Cook Off Organizer

The Kleefeld Honey Festival Committee & Earl’s Meat Market together honored to be the Canadian Chili Cook Off Capital in 2015. This opportunity presented by the Canadian Food Championships is unprecedented, so bring on your Chili to Kleefeld, Manitoba then to the Worlds!!!

~ Chili Cook-Off Event Manager Gord Meneer

We’re thrilled to be able to provide a chance for two Kleefeld Honey Festival competitors to represent Team Canada at the World Food Championships, we love the energy and charm that Kleefeld brings to CFC.

~ Events Edmonton General Manager Paul Lucas

2017 Canadian Chili Cook

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